Where it all began……..

Fun with Food is an artisan “healthful” bakery, specializing in organic, gluten free, paleo-gluten free, gluten free- dairy free, keto and sugar free baked goods.  We start with the finest ingredients, grinding and mixing our own gluten free flours to assure that you will receive the ultimate tasty product. 

Understanding how important it is for people with food allergies to feel comfortable knowing there is NEVER any cross contamination. Please be assured we take every precautionary measure by wiping down our kitchen prior to each bake day, sterilizing each bowl as well as using separate mixers, utensils for each category.

We strive to have unique products that everyone can enjoy, whether or not your gluten free, dairy free, sugar free or looking to eat something healthful and tasty.  Our recipes take months to develop to ensure the taste, texture and utmost quality are there.  Our mission is quite simple, prepare products with your heart, compassion and lots of love and you’ll have the winning combination!

 When founder Diane Ziegler first launched the company in 2008, she was teaching children how to cook and eat healthful. Her technique was highly specialized. Soon she was invited to have her own column in the Sun-Sentinel for children, How to Cook and Eat Healthy. She has been syndicated all over the United States.

Growing up with European parents, food always played a big role in Diane’s life.  Her mother would create dishes that not only looked spectacular and tasted like they had just came out of the finest restaurant in Europe, each one a masterpiece.

Diane’s mother taught thousands of people how to cook as well as was a caterer in South Florida and was known as the “Julia Child of Broward County”.  As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

We look forward to meeting you at our green markets, or you may find our products in many shops, and stores from Jupiter down to Miami and please know that if you have any special food allergies we can ALWAYS adapt a recipe to meet your needs.  “OUR PASSION IS YOUR ENJOYMENT!”